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Morals Are Relative

Like the ocean, break on the rocks.

5/6/07 06:59 pm - [Log] emperorkatou, it_means_guilty, roseangelrociel


House arrest did not sit well with Katou. Especially when Lucifer refused to tell him why the fuck he wasn't allowed to leave Sheol. Granted, restriction to Sheol wasn't exactly the same as being restricted to his room or something, but when half of his activity and then some took place outside of Hell itself, it was being grounded all the same and KATOU DID NOT GET GROUNDED, DAMMIT.

So that was why he was out getting pie. Hell had good pie, but they never had key lime for some reason. There was probably something witty about that, but Katou couldn't be bothered to think of it while still in search for limey goodness. And candy. He also needed candy.

And a couple other items of a technically illicit nature. Not that it was anyone's business.

4/16/07 04:50 pm - wanna hurt you just to hear you screaming my name

1. Passive - A Perfect Circle [Download | Lyrics]

2. Out of Reach - Voltaire [Download | Lyrics]

3. Rattlesnake Smile - Kane [Download | Lyrics]

4. Habit - Jump, Little Children [Download | Lyrics]

5. Poison - Groove Coverage [Download | Lyrics]

6. Pain - Three Days Grace [Download | Lyrics]

7. An Angry Blade - Iron & Wine [Download | Lyrics]

8. Evening on the Ground - Iron & Wine [Download | Lyrics]

9. Always - Saliva [Download | Lyrics]

10. Rest in Pieces - Saliva [Download | Lyrics]

11. Papercut - Linkin Park [Download | Lyrics]

12. Breaking the Habit - Linkin Park [Download | Lyrics]

13. Inside of You - Hoobastank [Download | Lyrics]

14. I Gotta Get Through This - Daniel Bedingfield [Download | Lyrics]

15. Pretty When You Cry - VAST [Download | Lyrics]

16. Wicked Little High - Bird York [Download | Lyrics]

17. Damaged - Plumb [Download | Lyrics]

18. Cut - Plumb [Download | Lyrics]

19. Holy Fool - The Boondock Saints [Download | Lyrics]

20. Tourniquet - Evanescence [Download | Lyrics]

21. Jeremy - Pearl Jam [Download | Lyrics]

4/19/04 02:38 pm - and fir the first event....

i don't like axl rose.

i fucking love axl rose.

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